Worlds Collide Tour 2017 - Tickets Available NOW!

Secure your tickets for the upcoming Worlds Collide Tour 2017! This will be our only Euro tour of 2017 so be sure to get your tickets asap. 


  • Posted by Claire Bell on

    Got tickets to your London show ?
    Seriously cannot wait!! It’s going to be amazing. Unfortunately they aren’t meet and greet ?

  • Posted by Tina Silance on

    I have just gotten to hear your band and I love you guys! I love music and it’s one way how I express myself so having a band that I love every song is amazing! I’ve listened to them all and I can’t wait to hear more?. And I’m glad that Jimmie is back! I love how he can sing and scream/growl. I wish y’all could come down here in Louisiana, I know it’s a long ways away. I am just happy to find a great band!

  • Posted by Alex Sinm on

    I constantly listen to your music. When I listen to your music, my day is instantly better. Thank you

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