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Re: Stoffe leaving Dead by April

Apr 24 2017 26 Comments Tags: Dead by April blog, Jimmie Strimell, Stoffe, Warrior, Worlds Collide

Hey all!

First things first. As the headline states, Stoffe is leaving and by no means is he kicked out. We got the message from Stoffe by e-mail simply stating; "Hi all, I just wanted to inform you that I no longer want to be a part of Dead by April and hereby declare myself out". That's it. That's all we got. And unfortunately we still didn't receive an explanation to attach to this post in order to clear things up. We've added a short flow of events to hopefully provide some clarity to what led up to this situation. 

A few months back Stoffe sent us another e-mail explaining he felt the need to go to rehab, for whatever reason, it's irrelevant. In the same e-mail he acknowledged that the timing was far from optimal because of the upcoming album release of Worlds Collide and that he would be away during this time. Accordingly, Stoffe explained to us that he would totally understand that we would need to get a stand-in vocalist in his place during this time. He also went as far as saying, quote "If you even want to move forward with a new vocalist full time, I would have to respect that."

Our (Pontus, Marcus R, and Marcus W) response, unanimously, was that  he's got our full support in his choice to go to rehab, and that changing members was not an option.
At this point we now need to find a stand-in vocalist for the upcoming shows.

Clearing up the rumors. Since a while back I (Pontus Hjelm) have been working on other projects with Jimmie Strimell. These projects has had absolutely nothing to do with Dead by April whatsoever. The fact that me and Jimmie managed to establish contact again is something that I never thought would happen in my lifetime, and would not have happened if certain fundamental changes wasn't made on behalf of Jimmie himself. We were friends for 13 years, 5 of which was together as founding members of Dead by April. We have talked a lot about the past and moved on from there.

As things stand we obviously have no growl-vocalist at the moment and therefore, yes, Jimmie as been discussed as a session vocalist in order for Dead by April to survive and take on the world. This is all the information we have for now and we will of course get back with an update A.S.A.P as we move forward!

Dead by April will never split up or cease to exist. We are warriors and will continue to make great music with the support of all of you amazing fans ❤️
Major events and shows will be announced in a few days. Includes a continent we've never been to before :-) 

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  • Extremely excited that Jimmie is back! Please stay for the long run <3 It really isn’t the same without him.
    (wish Stoffe all the best, hope he will be better soon!)

    Una on
  • Can i make cover for your songs. I already did for the song Replace You and people love it!

    Morgan on
  • Why not Stoffe and Jimmie just combine together? I love both of them.

    Danny on

    Danny on

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