Worlds Collide Tour 2017 - Tickets Available NOW! – Dead By April

Worlds Collide Tour 2017 - Tickets Available NOW!

Jun 16 2017 5 Comments Tags: Dead by April blog, Jimmie Strimell, Metal, Worlds Collide

Secure your tickets for the upcoming Worlds Collide Tour 2017! This will be our only Euro tour of 2017 so be sure to get your tickets asap. 

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  • So is Jimmie officially back for good?

    SteveG0ldXX on
  • Damn spell check

    Alex Sinn on
  • I constantly listen to your music. When I listen to your music, my day is instantly better. Thank you

    Alex Sinm on
  • I have just gotten to hear your band and I love you guys! I love music and it’s one way how I express myself so having a band that I love every song is amazing! I’ve listened to them all and I can’t wait to hear more?. And I’m glad that Jimmie is back! I love how he can sing and scream/growl. I wish y’all could come down here in Louisiana, I know it’s a long ways away. I am just happy to find a great band!

    Tina Silance on
  • Got tickets to your London show ?
    Seriously cannot wait!! It’s going to be amazing. Unfortunately they aren’t meet and greet ?

    Claire Bell on

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