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  • New Teasers & Lyrics

    NEW LYRICS! Hello everybody! <3Just to randomly celebrate, we've put up the primary lyrics for "When our Worlds Collide" in the Dead by April App. You can find it in the lyrics tab. These lyrics are pretty much done but might go through slight changes for when we...
  • New teasers!

    Be sure to download the Dead by April App as we will fill it with more exclusive content as we move forward with completing our upcoming album. New teasers, videos, lyrics, follow DBA in real time on tour and much more - only in our app!  
  • Dead by April in India!

     We've just finished up our tour diary for the first ever India show we performed a couple weeks back. It was truly amazing to expreince this part of the world!. The people are amazing and it was great to so many Indian DBA fans! We will defintely go back soon!