New Teasers & Lyrics

New Teasers & Lyrics

March 31, 2016 6 Comments


Hello everybody! <3
Just to randomly celebrate, we've put up the primary lyrics for "When our Worlds Collide" in the Dead by April App. You can find it in the lyrics tab. These lyrics are pretty much done but might go through slight changes for when we drop the album. So, still subject to change.

Don't have the Dead by April App? Don't worry. You can download it below. 
Now, be with people you love and stay as awesome as you can! 


We'll be putting up new teasers of our upcoming album this weekend.
We're looking at putting up 2 different tracks of about 20-25 seconds each and is to include both growl and clean vocals. This will ONLY be available in the Dead by April App. Don't miss out!


Have a lovely day ya'll 

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January 24, 2017

Hi. Чуваки

Samuel Paquette
Samuel Paquette

August 23, 2016

Hey guys!! do you have any date for the launch of your new album?? Can’t wait to hear it here in Canada!!! :)

Chris F
Chris F

May 24, 2016

Does a purchase of the app go towards your USA tour?? Def waiting for the announcement that your coming the the states. Please put Cleveland Oh on your list when this happens!

Ryoidenshi Aokigahara
Ryoidenshi Aokigahara

April 22, 2016

Hi :)
The app is great, but i’ve got some questions.
1) It will be a new version of app, when you add new content? Or it will be loaded in current version?
2)There is a “Live Stream” in exlusive content, but it open the page of your site. It’s because now is no any streams? Live Streams are free for people, who had bought the Dead By April App, or it’s available at additional charge?
That’s all of my questions :)
Excuse me for mistakes in my English, I don’t know it well.
Thanks and Good Luck!!! __

Pontus Hjelm
Pontus Hjelm

April 09, 2016

Hey man! Yes, it’ll be on the next teaser. It was a last minute change, sorry. But it’ll come next :-)


April 04, 2016

Hey. Loving and appreciating the demos as promised by you but I noticed it said in this blog that it would include some growls in… what happened?
- Dan

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