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Re: Stoffe leaving Dead by April

Apr 24 2017 16 Comments Tags: Dead by April blog, Jimmie Strimell, Stoffe, Warrior, Worlds Collide

Hey all! First things first. As the headline states, Stoffe is leaving and by no means is he kicked out. We got the message from Stoffe by e-mail simply stating; "Hi all, I just wanted to inform you that I no longer want to be a part of Dead by April and hereby declare myself out". That's it. That's all we got. And unfortunately we still didn't receive an explanation to attach to this post in order to clear things up. We've added a short flow of events to hopefully provide some clarity to what led up to this situation. A...

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Dec 25 2016 1 Comment Tags: Dead By April app, Dead by April blog, Metal, New Album, New Single

We've now changed the Dead by April from paid to FREE!

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