New single "Collapsing"

Hey all,

Our upcoming single Collapsing is about depression. 
We want to recognize the symbol ";" (semicolon) as a broadly used symbol against depression, suicide, and other mental health issues.

The semicolon is meant to present hope to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, and self-injury, by simply providing the very meaning behind the semicolon; "your story is not over".

This is also a way for us to communicate that you are not alone. 


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    I have to say that the song Collapsing is my ultimate favorite song, it touches home with me. When I’m having a bad day I can listen to DBA and feel much better! I do wish you all would update your Facebook Twitter and Instagram accounts. Love seeing and hearing about you all. Pontus your voice is absolutely amazing and bringing Christopher in for the screams makes the music better and turns your lyrics into art! Thank you so much DBA!

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