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Do you have a friend or family member's birthday🎂 coming up? Want to make someone's Christmas Eve🌟 a special one? Or what about a "cheers up" for that friend of yours that is going through tough👊🏻 times? Well, now you can say through Dead by April! 😬🤘😎 Choose what type of greeting you'd want us to do, and we, Pontus Hjelm, Jimmie Strimell, Marcus Wesslén, and Marcus Rosell will record a unique video and greet that friend/family of yours. If you choose the + Facebook Greeting we will also write a special comment on your friend's FB account's wall, with the band's Facebook profile.  
Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the desired greeting type
  2. You will get an order confirmation on your e-mail
  3. Copy that order confirmation number
  4. Open up a new e-mail addressed to:
  5. In the subject row, paste the confirmation number
  6. In the e-mail, write a short script of what you'd want us to say, the name of the person to greet, and any other relevant information
  7. We will deliver the video to your e-mail through a download link within 48h
  8. All done!

If you choose any of the options "+ Facebook Greeting", don't forget to write what Facebook account's wall we shall write the greeting to ❤️

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