Dead by April blog

  • Upcoming release: Memory

    💥💥We are now preparing the release of our upcoming single "Memory". It will be Christopher Kristensen doing the screams! And we will update ya'll as soon as pre-orders are available here on 💥💥 We're really excited to finally start releasing new music!!! ❤️🤘🏼 #dbaforever #deadb...
  • Christopher Kristensen — new growler

    As promised, here's the update regarding our new growler.We have both agreed to a try-out period until after our Russian shows in May, 2020.We think Christopher has an awesome vocal sound that will fit the Dead by April sound perfectly! He is also a really great guy 😊✌🏼#dbaforeverPlease welcome C...
  • Russia 2020!

    It's been five long years since we visited mother Russia! And we can't wait to get there and perform for you :) See you soon!! BUY TICKETS HERE