What's your favorite Dead by April lyrics? – Dead By April

What's your favorite Dead by April lyrics?

Jan 14 2016 5 Comments

The lyric sheets for ALL songs of our debut album "Dead by April" are now available in the DBA Store! Be sure to check out these beautiful lyric sheets. We'll now start working on the lyric sheets for Incomparable as well as Let the World Know!

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  • Carry Me, Promise Me, Losing You, A Promise, Unhateable, Incomparable and Infinity x Infinity are my favorite lyrics because they are my favorite songs too :)

    Tim Adels on
  • As a butterfly and My tomorrow

    Anton Kjellström on
  • Carry me for sure is really awesome too!

    Felipe on
  • My fav lyrics are What Can i Say, Promisse Me, Sorry for Everything, Dreaming, Real & True, Crossroads, Incomparable, Abnormal, Empathy!!!!

    Felipe on
  • My favourite is As a Butterfly ❤️?

    Crystal Weekusk on

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