New album is officially COMPLETE!!

Aug 12 2016 17 Comments

Hi all,

It's been some time since last update, however, we've been working hard together with Ben Grosse and his assisstent Paul Pavao to make this album sound totally killer! 

And this album is now by far the best sounding album we've ever made to date!!

We've been present during the mixing process via a live stream link so we've been able to make changes and fine tune the mix in real time here in Sweden whilst they are turning the knobs over in Los Angeles, USA

The number one question we're getting from people right is - When is album release date? Well, we still don't know. However, we can defintely say that our first single is not too far away. 
Realistically official release of our first single will take place late October or early November. 

Happy days! Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward <3<3

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing this superb site.

    inhouse pharmacy on
  • Wow, these are some really good news… Congratulations, Dead by April! :)
    If this album will be about as good as it looks in the teasers, it will be a new level of DBA (what seemed impossible after Let the world know)…
    For me as a guy living in Munich I hope you will visit us during your tour in 2017, the only problem could be that you are too fast – I spend this autumn semester in Estonia and will be back at the end of January. If there is any chance that you come after January it would be great to know since I could stop worrying all day about whether I could see you live with my dba-loving friends…
    But you are about to release the first single in October/November, so I can at least hope the album will come in December/January so the tour starts not too early for me (although I don´t want to wait for the album anymore ;) ).
    Keep it up, guys, we´re fucking curious..
    Greetings from Tallinn, Chris

    Chris on
  • Why did it take you guys just about three years to finish a album which I’m sure will be one of your finest,but.
    If you look at the average time it takes a national act to write record post production and mastering and packaging,the’s 6-12 months
    Was there a logistic hold up?
    You’ve been talking about this album over a year with clips.
    Give me a call I’ll straightend shit out. We need our DBA.
    Sincerely a dead head

    tom lentino on
  • you know guys releasing a great album is something and making fans sick of waiting that long time since 2014 is another thing. Anyway we fans always love DBA as the best pop-metal band of the world.
    Greetings from Iran

    javad on
  • Awesome. “Breaking point” this song was cool, i will wait your new album. I hope you will finish it soon. Good luck DBA!!!

    Yeras_Qazaq on

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