American Tour 2016 Q4

Dec 20 2015 6 Comments Tags: 2016, Dead by April US tour, New Album

As you might know, we've performed only one show on American soil, ever.  Well, we're not happy with that. Now we want to push forward to make Dead by April on tour in the USA a reality! One issue is that it's super expensive to bring a 4-piece band + the crew needed to execute the shows, over to the USA. Accordingly, we now reach out to YOU to help us achieve our goal:

Our goal is to reach €8000 in order to pay for the American working VISA permits + flight tickets between Sweden and USA. This will indeed help us realize our US tour in Q4 of 2016.

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  • WHat a freaking joke, asking fans for money to come here. Dude there are bands from 3rd world countries that come here to play in the US. And I know you guys make decent money in your country, it’s call sacrifice. Spend a little man.

    Ben on
  • Any updates on the US tour? I was super pumped when this was posted but haven’t heard much since

    Kerric on
  • Hey Pontus where do i go to make a donation to this incredible campaign been following you all since day one and would like to make this tour a reality i will travel to any city i have to. To show support of yalls music

    Devin on
  • I need to find another job, if I had some money, I would definitely help you guys with the donations! Maybe soon…

    Adeel Ahmed on
  • Hey Marc! Yes, we fully understand this. We will, however, update any news on this matter continuously of course. And we intend to cover as much ground as possible while were over there. As there are many many months to go still, we hope that this campaign will grow slowly but steady. If you want news and updates about what’s in the pipeline you should join our newsletter. Typically we’ll be updating there before confirming anything officially.

    Pontus Hjelm on

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